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a journey to Borneo #5

Presbytis hosei canicrus extirpated from Kutai National Park ????

We have spent twenty days in Kutai National Park since 5 March 2008, looking for the rarest leaf monkey Presbytis hosei subspecies canicrus, however there is no any clues that the monkey still exist in Kutai. We visited established three research sites in this national park, Prefab, Mentoko, and Melawan and spent 3 – 7 days in each site. This is the first survey after three decades since last conducted by P. S . Rodman in 1978, found Presbytis hosei density at 2.6 groups/km2 in Mentoko , and then reported that after forest fire 1982-1983 which remained 25% of 3 km2 forest at Mentoko, there were still 6 groups of Hosei, the last report during 1988 still found Hosei in Kutai National Park. Massive forest fire during 1987-1988 in Kutai National Park in east Kalimantan had already devastated almost the whole area and only remaining 5% forested area (Meijaard and Nijman,2000). Unfortunately, there is no detail hosei repor…