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white fronted leaf monkey (Presbytis frontata)

This is endemic species of Borneo, the photos was taken during my survey in East Kalimantan, located in Telen river, District of Muara Wahau.White fronted leaf monkey have a dark grey brown body. The head is black with a crest. The common names come from a white patch of naked skin on the forehead. I observe this monkey in closest distance 3 meters above of my transect walk, I was hide before she pass through my transect. So, It was lucky to see this monkey in close distance, however the angle were not so good to take a photos. Its very difficult to observe in the wild, however the monkeys has loud call very distinct with other leaf monkeys. White-fronted leaf moneky is very little is known the habitat and ecology of this species. Hunting, forest habitat lost are major threats for this monkey. In east Kalimantan previously reported can be found in Kutai National Park and Sungai Wain Protection forest. This primate listed as Vulnerable in IUCN red list, however conservation status need…