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A journey to Borneo #7

Save the Proboscis Monkey!!!!

Another survey during Journey to Borneo, we also conduct survey on Bekantan or Proboscis monkey ( Nasalis larvatus) in several rivers of East Kalimantan, Sangata river which flowing through Kutai National Park, is the first river for boat survey. We assume that this river become wildlife refugees after massive fire in 1992-1993 and 1997-1998. We still found five groups along this river , started from Sangata town to the rivermouth of Sangata river. However their habitat are too worries, mangrove and nypa habitat heading to vanish due to fishpond developments, agriculture or settlements (legal and illegal). The next boat survey were done at more than 40 km along of Karangan river and Baai rivers. Its too bad here the forest are totally converted to be palm oil agriculture. Small-thin riverside vegetation are remains for habitat of Bekantan and seem couldn't said as forested habitat.

a Journey to Borneo #6

The last population of Hosei monkey

After 20 days we didnt found any hosei monkeys in Kutai National Park (KNP), we continue survey to nort-east, five hour from KNP, where the last previous survey found this hosei monkey in this areas. There are two rivers here flowing down to Sangkulirang bay from Karst mountain as water cathment, i.e Karangan and Baai. Four hours trip from Sangata and connected by speed boat (1.5 hour) we arrived at Pengadan village (it will be my basecamp for the next 10 remaining days). Previous scientific expedition in this region conducted to reveal some archaeological study and speleology investigation.(see at this link : thus pengadan villagers are familiar with researcher and their activities. We found a good local guide here to conduct boat survey.Pessimistic feeling during survey in Baai and Sangkulirang rivers to find the monkey, because of no forested habitat remains, palm oil has become “a new hope”, lan…